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ID Dance Competition has FOUR different competitive divisions: Novice, Intermediate, Iconic and Pro-Am. The Novice division is for dancers who train a maximum of three hours per week with little to no competition experience. Intermediate division is for dancers who study 4-7 hours per week and have limited competition experience.  The Iconic division is for dancers who train more than 8 hours per week and have signification competition experience. The Pro-am is our adult division for ages 19&up. Dancers are not permitted to perform in more than two competitive divisions. The Title division is available in the INTERMEDIATE AND ICONIC LEVELS. This is a great opportunity for intermediate and advanced levels of dancers to be able to participate in a Title Competition. Soloists who go up for Title are also included in the Overall Awards.  Every competitor who takes the stage must be registered, regardless the amount of time the dancer is present on stage.





Small Group

Large Group


# of Dancers





19 or more

Time Limit

3 minutes

3 minutes

3 minutes

4 minutes

8 minutes

*IF your routine goes over the time guidelines by 30 seconds or more, you will pay a fee for the extended time.


The age divisions for all routines are determined by the average age of performers as of January 1st. Ages are averaged from all dancers in a routine and that average age will determine the level.



All solos, duet/trios, and groups in each Competitive Division (Novice, Intermediate, Iconic, Pro-Am) will be adjudicated on a point system. Performance Quality is is 35 points, Technique is 35 points, Choreography/Musicality is 20 points, and Overall Appearance is 10 points.  Based upon the total score of three judges, a ranking of Ultra Iconic, Iconic Platinum, Platinum, and High Gold will be given to each entry based on their score.


Scoring Scale:

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Want to win even more scholarships? Participate in our IMPROV DANCE OFF for your opportunity to receive the Broadway Dance Center scholarship! Dancers will improv to songs chosen by ID Dance in jazz and/or contemporary. Dancers must sign up at the registration desk at least 1 hour before the challenge begins. The challenge has a $25 participation fee. Dancers can pre-register for the Improv Dance Challenge on Dancebug.


Soloists who go up for Ms/Mr ID Dance Title can enter as many solos as they would like and the Title Competition is in addition to the Overall Awards. Title recipients will receive a crown, Title banner, and a Ms/Mr ID Dance Title jacket. Title recipients hold the Ms/Mr ID Dance Title for one full season. If there are 3 or more soloists running for title in the same division a runner-up Title recipient will be awarded. The Title Competition is available for intermediate and iconic(advanced) level soloists. Title is judged based on showmanship, costuming, performance quality and technique. 


Please click HERE to contact us for entry fees. All fees must be paid by Venmo (@iddancecomp), credit card or certified check. You can locate the registration and entry fee deadline on the Tour page.  Payments made within one month of the event must be paid by Venmo, credit card or certified check only. Any payments made after the registration deadline will only be accepted by Venmo or credit card. Any payments or entries added after the registration deadline has passed will be subject to a late fee. There is a $35.00 fee for returned checks.


Entries are registered through DanceBug, our online registration system.

  1. Log in or create your free DanceBug account HERE

  2. Choose your desired event and enter dancers/routine information.

  3. Pay with no service fee through Venmo, mail in a certified check at least 30 days before scheduled event or pay 3% processing fee with credit card.

  4. Log in to your account at any time to review your entries or make any changes before registration deadline. 

*Please register at least 30 days prior to the event. Once an event sells out, registration will close. Registrations that are in progress without complete payment submission are not qualified as entered.


PLEASE NOTE: In order to register for an event, payment must be received. You are not entered into the event until full payment is submitted.

Please be sure to review your entries when the preliminary schedule is released. Changes must be made before the final schedule is released. Changes will not be reflected in the program if made after the deadline. 


ID Dance is proud to provide the industry's best awards! From huge trophies to big banners, we have it all to commemorate you and your dancers! 

Adjudication Awards - All routines will be provided a trophy for the adjudication award.

Overall Awards - All placements will receive a banner for the Overall. 

Top Overall Award - First Place will receive a huge banner for the First Place Overall and ID Cash. 

ID ICON Award - Soloist ID ICONS will receive a huge trophy. Duet/Trio, Group, Line Production ID ICONS will receive a large banner with a scholarship to Nationals. 

Studio of Excellence - ID Dance presents this award to a studio at each Regionals and Nationals that best represents the spirit of excellence, sportsmanship, and unity among all studios.

Studio Spirit - ID Dance presents this award to a studio at each Regionals and Nationals the ID staff and judges will be on the lookout to see who has the most studio spirit throughout the event.

Ultimate Award - ID Dance presents this award to one studio in each performance level who has achieved the highest overall score in the level. 

Improv Dance Off Award: Awarded for Improv Dance Off Winners. 

Photogenic: Photogenic winners receive banner. 

ID Cash Awards 

Choreography Award - Routines chosen with outstanding choreography will receive a medal.

Special Awards - Special awards are presented with a certificate by the Judges.

Scholarships - ID Dance offers $100,000 in scholarships throughout the season. They include Broadway Dance Center New York, Trill Dance Convention, Nationals, Hollywood Dance Experience & more

In all competitive divisions, ID Dance Competition will award the highest scoring soloist in each age division in all categories. In all competitive divisions, ID Dance Competition will award the highest scoring overall group in each division in all categories.

Nationals: ID Cash Awards awarded to large groups and the top line/production at the Iconic Dance Challenge. For large groups, recipients receive $600 in ID Cash and line/production $1000 in ID Cash to be used for the following season Regionals or Nationals event. 

Nationals: Ultimate Choreography awarded. 


Please upload your music to your DanceBug account before the event. 


  • Acro: Routine demonstrating gymnastic/tumble technique.

  • Ballet: Routine that exhibits ballet or pointe technique. 

  • Contemporary: A routine that demonstrates contemporary dance style.

  • Folk: Routine exhibiting cultural style.

  • Hip Hop: Routine exhibiting hip hop technique and style. 

  • Open: A routine that exhibits a fusion of dance styles.

  • Jazz: Routine that exhibits jazz technique and style.

  • Jazz Funk: Routine combining jazz and hip-hop techniques. 

  • Lyrical: Routine demonstrating the combination of ballet and jazz styles. 

  • Modern: A routine that demonstrates ballet and contemporary styles. 

  • Musical Theatre: A style deriving inspiration from national or folk dances, or interpreting and representing a particular profession, mode of living, or personality. Dancers have the option to lip sync.

  • Line/Production: A routine showing any or a mix of dance styles. Time limit of 8:00 minutes in the production category. 

  • Pom/Cheer: Routine demonstrating clear and sharp movement with tumbling/acro/gymnastics. 

  • Song & Dance: A routine that will be adjudicated on both singing and any style of dance. 

  • Tap: Routine using tap technique.


Photo and video can be preordered or ordered anytime during the event through the DanceBug website or mobile app that can be downloaded from the App Store. Make a dancer account and choose your desired pictures/videos. Please regard that photos and videos will be available approximately 1 week after your event. Persons at the event are not authorized to take photos or videos during the entire event of any routine. Dancebug offers an "All Access Pass" to dancers who are interested. 


  • Unlimited amount of entries per dance company.

  • Top Overall award placements will vary by event. 

  • Participants can compete in multiple cities.

  • All performances must be appropriate for a family audience.

  • Instruction from teachers in the audience is not permitted.

  • Dangerous props are not permitted.

  • General props are allowed.

  • Dancers are permitted up to 5 tricks over the head before a routine should be considered "Open". 

  • Only one routine is permitted to place in Overall per soloist. 

  • Independent registration is not available for ID Competitions. Each dancer must be affiliated with a studio. Independent registration is allowed for ID Conventions. Please create an account as an independent for convention registration. 


ID's photogenic contest includes two age groups: 12 & under and 13 & over. Photogenic entries are submitted/registered for/paid for before the event or at the event at the merchandise booth. Photos will not be returned. Photogenic winners are automatically eligible to become ID Ambassadors. Learn more about ID Ambassadors HERE. 


Ties will be broken by the technical score of each routine.


ID Dance Competition has the right to adjust the tour at any time for any reason, including dates, times and venues. Stage and venue sizes will vary by location, professional equipment is used. 

By entering ID Dance Competition, it is understood that ID Dance Competition and all of its employees, staff members and staff contractors are not and will not be held liable for any injury, accident or financial responsibility. The own insurance policy of the competitor will be the only source of reimbursement. This is the same for audience participants, guests, family, friends, spectators, studio owners and teachers. ID may use photos and videos from events, competitions, conventions and nationals for promotional use indefinitely. Official studio representative agrees he/she has informed all parents/guardians and spectators of these policies.