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Are you a dance parent looking for all the information you need for the upcoming event? If yes, you are in the right spot!
Please continue below for Improv/Title/Photogenic Registration, FAQ's, Rules & More!

parent faq's:

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How do I register for Improv, Title & Photogenic?

You can register your dancer(s) for one or all three of the above by scrolling up and registering. All the information you will need will be emailed to you following purchase.

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How do I order photos/videos?

You can purchase photos and videos on the DanceBug app. Please download the DanceBug app from the App Store. DanceBug offers an all-access pass for the season. 

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Are the events Live-streamed?

All ID Events are live-streamed! Please go to our Livestream Page to access. There is no livestream fee. Livestream service will vary based on service provided at venue. 

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Do you accept independent entries?

We do not accept independent entries for the competition-only events. You will need to register through your studio. We do offer independent access for convention-only events.

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When do I arrive at the competition?

Please arrive at the competition at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled performance times. ID Events tend to run ahead of schedule.

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Is there an entrance ticket?

There is no entrance fee for parents/family members.

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Can I purchase a trophy/award?

Yes! Please head to our SHOP PAGE purchase trophy/award or you can purchase one at the event merchandise area.

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Can I purchase dance attire?

Yes! Please head to our SHOP PAGE to purchase all of your favorite merchandise! Or purchase your favorites at the Event! From the comfiest crewneck to trendy dance wear, ID offers it all!

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Where can I get my scores/critiques?

Scores and critiques are sent to your studio following the event. Please contact your studio's competition director for scores and critiques.

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Schedule mistake?

If you notice a mistake regarding your dancer on the schedule, please contact your studio's competition director.

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What are the levels of the competition?

ID offers four competitive levels! Novice, Intermediate, Iconic (Advanced), Pro-Am(Ages 19&Up).

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Do you assign dressing rooms?

Dressing rooms are not assigned. They are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Will there be food concessions?

Concessions vary by each venue. Only some venues provide concessions. Ask an ID Staff member for recommendations.

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Is there anything else I need to do prior to the event?

Make sure you have signed the Participant Release Form that is sent to you by your studio. Dancers are not allowed to compete until form is signed by legal guardian.

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Where are the event results?

Event results will be posted within 1-3 weeks following the event on the event tour page.

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When do the doors open?

Doors open time will be sent along with the schedule for the event. Please contact your studio's competition director.

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What payment types are accepted at the event?

ID has gone cashless! At our Merchandise Shop we accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Venmo and/or Cash-App.

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Are programs sold at the event?

Physical programs will not be sold at the event. Please download the printable program on any mobile device by heading to the  Event page on our website. The program will be available on the DanceBug app. The program will also be available on the Livestream page.


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