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the id judge difference

inspire, empower and change lives today.

revolutionize the industry

ID has always been proud to be a trailblazer in the competitive dance industry. Offering top adjudication is something we pride ourselves on and is deeply important to us as a company and to our values. ID strives to provide an event for studios with the guarantee of well-trained, thoughtful, caring and professional panel of adjudicators. Being an adjudicator is a powerful role and carries a great deal of responsibility. Judges have a tremendous impact on dancers, teachers, choreographers and studio owners.


Judging is a principal subject among the competitive dance industry. Dance programs expect well-spoken adjudicators who have been properly trained. ID Dance is leading the industry with a professional competition adjudication training and certification program to provide an excellent, confident panel of adjudicators at every Event.

Here at ID Dance, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. If you are not 100% satisfied with your critiques from an Event, we will have an ID Head Adjudicator re-adjudicate your performance.


the certification

ID Dance is very proud to offer a professional training and certification program for dance competition adjudicators. After a vast amount of time and effort of creating this certification and training program, we are impressed to say the ID Judge Certification program equips and empowers individuals to become top of the industry dance adjudicators, offering extensive knowledge to those who receive their critiques, scores and awards. ID Dance commits to and provides only the highest quality of dance events in the industry, with adjudication focused as a top priority. With these standards in mind, ID Directors have required all judges on our panels to be a certified adjudicator. 

the certification experience

All judges on ID panels are required to hold this exceptional certification.

Here is a look into the certification experience at the individual perspective:

Becoming a certified ID dance adjudicator will inspire your passion for adjudication and equip you with the knowledge you need to empower dancers and teachers. This training will fuel your purpose as you explore new perspectives, and learn about the vision and value ID has for dance adjudication. 

This specialized training focuses not only on scoring, scales, engagement and microphone presentation, but also expands on the knowledge of dance and how to properly critique and effectively communicate: technique, movement quality, dynamics, execution, impression, musicality, choreography, costuming and more. The ID certification program emphasizes on the importance of specific feedback and delivering this feedback in a positive, constructive and supportive manner.

Adjudicators leave our training feeling confident, inspired and empowered; ready to make positive changes not only in their life, but also in the lives of dancers and teachers across the nation.


The difference between a dancer, teacher/choreographer, and an adjudicator

Why did we establish a dance adjudicator certification program when all of the judges we hire have spent their lives honing their craft?

 Throughout the years in the dance program industry and competitive dance industry we have found the difference between an artist/teacher and adjudicator to be distinct. Many individuals find themselves as a master dancer/instructor but struggle to effectively communicate their feedback for a routine, properly score a routine that is on the stage while effectively score routines in an entire division of many performances all at the same time while being engaging, speaking clearly, completing thought processes on the microphone and remaining positive and constructive. Our training emphasizes on mastering multi-tasking at the panel. 


what is our why?

From the background of a studio owner, dancer, teacher, choreographer and adjudicator, we have personally experienced the impact dance adjudicators have, not only on dancers but on a studio’s program. We understand the feeling of listening to unfavorable feedback and how this feedback can impact the choreographer, teacher and group of dancers. Our vision is to revolutionize the adjudication standards in this industry in order to ensure no dancer, teacher or studio owner has to experience unacceptable adjudication. Our mission is to lead with a positive, professional and excellent adjudication experience. 

judge tips

Check back for tips from your very own ID Dance Judges! We will be adding tips throughout the season on social media and to this page! Share them with all of your dance fam.

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