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BECOME AN ID influencer

What does an ID INFLUENCER get the opportunity of doing?

Want the chance to join the prestigious ID Influencer Crew? ID Influencers will represent ID Dance Competition on social media and at competition events they choose to attend. They will get to join in the excitement of award ceremonies by throwing out t-shirts and special ID gifts to participants and the audience! **New for 2024: Top Influencers will be selected as we near the Innerlight Tour to join the ID Awards Crew and participate in award ceremony presentations. These select Influencers will receive a custom Top Influencer belt bag from ID to show off!

At the end of the 2024 season, we will be sending invitations to our Influencers who are most impressive, and who align their values with ID's across their social platforms. These standout Influencers will be invited to the ID Influencer Summit and Photoshoot! More details to come!

How do you become a Top Influencer?
Representation of ID on social media and overall social media presence and impression during the pre-season for the Innerlight Tour is how Top Influencers will be selected.

ID Influencers will receive an iconic discount of 20% off all ID merchandise! ID Influencers will also be featured on ID Dance social media platforms and the ID Dance Competition website Influencer Page! ID Influencers must mention or post ID Dance on their Instagram/TikTok Platform at least once a month. ID Influencers must reapply for the program each season. 

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How are ID influencers chosen?


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