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energetic. innovative. iconic.

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The INCREDIBLE ID ICON DANCE AWARD! Dancers will live to become an ID ICON at an event! Dancers are interviewed following their routine!

Jacksonville, Florida, USA downtown city

utopia tour

With our UTOPIAN AWARD, four competitive divisions, FREE master classes, the ID ICON Award, top of industry adjudicators, scholarships offered from Millennium Dance Complex, Fuzion Force LA, BDC & more, energetic, organized events and more, we offer everything to give your dancers the weekend of a lifetime!

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA uptown sk

natIonal finals

Join us for a week of excitement and fun for the whole family, at Kalahari Waterpark Resort in Sandusky, OH or in Myrtle Beach! This unforgettable Nationals experience is one that you do not want your dancers to miss out on.


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ID Dance produces innovative, high-tech and exciting events! There’s a reason dancers, teachers and families love the ID Experience! On our 2023 Utopia Tour, we are thrilled to offer: the ID ICON EXPERIENCE of a lifetime, the UTOPIAN Award, FREE master classes for all ages at every regional, Millennium Dance Complex LA scholarships, energetic and exciting awards ceremonies, stress-free organized events with interactive backstage manager, six age divisions, huge and inventive awards, top of the industry adjudicators, custom photo and video packages, incredible scholarships, ID Ambassador opportunities, FOUR competitive divisions, teacher reserved seating & more.  


 We are here to fuel your passion for dance. We provide a supportive and iconic experience for dancers to showcase their talents. The growth and inspiration of each dancer is what we dedicate our work to.

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