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a TRENDSETTING experience

energetic. innovative. iconic.

ID Dance Competition is a proud trailblazer in the competitive dance industry.

We are driven by your optimal experience at our events.

We produce high-tech, on time, professional events in an enjoyable, high energy and supportive environment. Our devotion to dance, incomparable customer service, passion for dance education and vision to make life-changing experiences sets us apart from the rest.

ID is proud to offer a stage designed specifically for dancers, curated from our experienced stage and lighting team. We are proud to be partners with top talent agencies, conventions, collegiant programs, educators and choreographers to offer you even more opportunities. 


ID events are exceptionally unmatched! With professional, intelligent and passionate faculty, we produce ICONIC events. It is important to us that your experience with ID Dance is utopian before, during and after the event. The growth and inspiration of each dancer is a goal that we all dedicate our work to. ​Here at ID, we spare no effort to make a difference in the lives of dancers, teachers and studio owners.


An experience like no other! 

Our ID ICON Award is a very exciting experience for everyone!

At each ID Event our judges will hand select spectacular routines that stand out! Dancers who are named ID ICONS will receive their award following their routine and will be asked a series of questions from our Emcee!

master classes

ID Dance Competition is proud to offer master classes to all participants at regional events!

Master classes offer dancers an opportunity to receive scholarships presented from our impressive faculty!

improv dance off

Dancers have the exciting opportunity to participate in an Improv Battle at ID Events! Scholarships and awards are presented to the winners of the Improv Dance Offs. 

Dancers will improv to songs chosen by ID Dance. Dancers must sign up at the registration desk or can pre-register through the parent portal before the event.


ID will recognize the prestigious ID Artist of the Year at each Nationals event. The Artist of the Year scouting begins at Regionals. The ID Artist of the Year opens up huge opportunities to the selected dancers.



ID Adjudicators are all certified Adjudicators of Dance. 


ID Judges are well-trained, intelligent, passionate and experienced.ID provides a professional, educated and certified Adjudication panel at each event. Our Adjudicators are dedicated to their craft and care about each and every performer. Read about our Top-Tier Adjudication here. Here at ID Dance, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. If you are not 100% satisfied with your critiques from an Event, we will have an ID Head Adjudicator re-adjudicate your performance.


ID Dance Competition offers over $150,000 in Top of the Industry scholarships each tour season! Including Millenium Dance Complex LA, Broadway Dance Center, & more. 


Here at ID, we pride ourselves on an energetic, innovative and notable Awards Ceremony offering a myriad of exciting presentations! We commemorate dancers with only the highest quality of Awards.Dancers can participate in an exceptional title competition and photogenic competition at all events. ID Dance recognizes exceptional performances and provides the opportunity for dancers to receive ID ICON Awards, Stand-Out Awards, Dynamic Awards, Costume Awards, Choreography Awards, Studio Awards & more! Read more about our Awards here.


ID offers the best merchandise in the industry! Be prepared to encounter endless options of merch at each ID Event! We are proud to present merchandise designed by industry professionals to align with current trends and provide optimal comfort. 



With over four decades of experience, ID understands the hard work, time and dedication studio owners and teachers put into their competitive programs. We have carefully curated a remarkable program to recognize studio directors and teachers before, during and after our event.


Be prepared to be pampered at our VIP Teacher Lounge, feel recognized with our Event Director, and excited when you receive an exclusive gift upon arrival. To top off an iconic season, at Nationals, we offer a Runway made for you and your teachers for your dancers to cheer you on!


The ID Stage has been artfully designed and engineered by our in-house, experienced Technical Director and the Technical Lighting and Stage Design Team. 

Welcome to the new era of dance competitions; those who value stage quality and design. Providing dancers an opportunity to have their moment and experience of a lifetime. Read more about our stage here.


Events sell out fast. Submit your reservation or register today! Click here to register. 

Join a waitlist by emailing us at

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