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We are looking forward to an amazing 2021 Tour and we hope you will be Reaching New Heights with us! We remain committed to holding events that are fun, stress-free and safe for all participants. The safety of our staff and attendees will continue to be a top priority as we begin the 2021 season.


We will be providing more details regarding COVID-19 policies once more is known regarding our venues, state regulations and the recommended safety protocols. We look forward to welcoming you back to our events in a safe and healthy way!


The following precautions are current measures. Check back for updates as these policies may change and evolve as new information becomes available.


  • Masks will be mandatory for all attendees (masks do not need to be worn while
    performing, unless state regulations state otherwise, but must be
    worn by all attendees, at all other times during the event).

  • One spectator will be allowed per dancer.

  • Each studio will receive wristbands to distribute to all spectators and teachers that will be in attendance.

  • Seating will be blocked off to create 6 ft. of distance between audience seating.

  • Many hand sanitizer stations will be utilized throughout the venue. We also encourage participants to bring their own hand sanitizer.

  • Additional venue staff/janitorial staff and frequent venue sanitation will be provided.

  • The entire event will be livestreamed (timeline for livestream may vary by location) for viewing from the safety of home.

  • If any dancer, educator or attendee of any kind is feeling ill, we ask that you remain home.


  • All parents/studio directors must fill out our Covid waiver in order to attend the event:   

  • Masks must be worn within the venue, at all times, by all attendees except while dancing. If state regulations state masks be worn in all spaces and while performing, we will follow state regulation.

  • There will be no scoring deductions or critiques made regarding costumes, costume adjustments or socially distanced dancing protocols including, but not limited to: masks, gloves, face shields, distanced staging, etc.

  • Studios wishing to forego costumes/changing of costumes and use of dressing rooms will not have deductions.

  • Each studio is scheduled all on one day. 

  • After one studio is finished performing, the stage, backstage area, dressing room and all stations throughout the venue will be cleaned and sanitized prior to the arrival of the next studio.

  • Props must be able to be placed on stage by two studio representatives. No more than two studio representatives will be permitted in the backstage area for the moving of props.

  • Dressing rooms will be scheduled per studio for duo, trios and groups in sync with block scheduling. We recommend dancers come ready to perform and only use the dressing rooms for costume changes. Only one person is permitted per child in the dressing space.

  • Only performers and one studio representative are permitted backstage.

  • If any dancer, educator or attendee of any kind is feeling sick, we ask for the safety of all attendees and employees that you remain home.


  • All staff will be required to wear masks throughout the entirety of the event.

  • Staff will be cleaning all areas and work stations between each studio in the block schedule. These areas are including but not limited to: front of house/lobby, merchandise, dressing rooms, awards, audience entrances, backstage areas and all hallway/entrance doors.

  • All staff will be required to do daily temperature and wellness checks. Any staff showing signs of illness will not be permitted to enter the event space.

  • Increased venue staff will be utilized for additional sanitation of bathrooms and other event spaces.

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